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Preparing Your Home to Sale

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One of the most valuable things you can do before selling your home is to hire an inspector to make a written report on the condition of your home. Inspections will be part of any real estate transaction and problems that are identified by your inspector can usually be taken care of at a lower cost than after they are discovered by the Buyer's inspector. Our Turnage agents can help you locate a local inspector.

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Basic Repairs: Leaks and water damage are priority repairs. If the roof leaks, get it repaired or replaced first, followed by repairing any signs of water damage. Don't let your sale fall through right before closing by being passive. Primer and paint over water stains. Replace discolored wallpaper.

Repair leaky faucets and pipes. Redo or clean caulking around tubs and sinks. Paint and repair gutters. You should also take care of any squeaky steps or loose banisters. Replace loose shingles and flashing in roof, especially when you can see them from the ground.

Stage and Remodel: The first impression of your home begins at the front door. Paint, clean or stain the front door, as needed. Get rid of old screens. Check the entry light and doorbell to make sure they work. Be sure to add plants and a new "welcome mat." On the inside of your home, if you plan to paint, use white or off-white colors. Bright lights and white walls help make rooms look bigger. And as much as you love your pet, board him or her with neighbors while showing the house. As for big changes, the improvements shown to add the most value to a home are kitchen and bathrooms remodels.

Get Rid of Clutter: Make a clean sweep through your home, getting rid of everything that might be piled on counters or stacked in corners. Store yard tools, toys and other outdoor items out of sight. Arrange clothing neatly in your closet and put away items stored on shelves and on the floor.

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