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Buying and Selling Process

Buying Property

Buying or selling real estate is a complex process, especially these days. On closing date, you may find yourself staring a stack of pages several inches thick. That's why it's good to have experienced broker/agents by your side helping you avoid pitfalls and showing you how to take advantage of every opportunity.

The Buying and Selling Process

From the day you put up a "For sale" sign in the front yard to the day the moving van arrives, there's a lot to do. If you're a seller, you'll meet with your agent to discuss pricing, timing and staging your home for sale. If you're buying, you'll talk to your agent about your lifestyle, the type of homes you're interested in, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well the price range and neighborhoods you prefer.

Financing will also be a primary topic of discussion. One very important thing to remember as a buyer is that you should avoid making purchases on credit and or with a credit card once you have applied for a loan. Buying a car, major appliances or furniture could alter your credit ratios and cause an underwriter to deny your loan. This could result in a forfeiture of your earnest money deposit in addition to losing the home. Because Turnage realtors are all experienced agents and brokers, you have an advocate with your best interests in mind to guide you through the details of financing and mortgages.

Once a buyer or seller have agreed to terms and signed a real estate sales contract, the closing date will typically occur 30 to 60 days later.

Usually, the closing is hosted by the seller's attorney. In others, the lender's attorney handles the closing. As your real estate representative, your Turnage agent is trained to serve your interests and hold your information in the utmost confidentiality. They will explain the process and ensure that the transaction goes as smoothly as possible. In the rare event that questions come up after the closing, you can rest assured that your agent will be ready to assist you.

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